DUET " 6 "
Choreography and interpretation :
Youtci Erdos / Manuel Chabanis






" 6 " - short duet (20 mn) -

" 1, 2, 3 J'irai avec toi,
.............Selon tes caprices
.............Un amour tout neuf,
.............Vaut mieux qu'un vieux blues."

"6" is a duet conceived like the snakes and ladders game, inspired by the imaginary fate of a man and a woman, in the centre of town.
The audience takes place on the stage and throws the dice to determine the play of the dancers.
Random and free will then decide of instants, meetings, and tell us the story of a life always different…
We are supported by : Conseil Général de l’Isère, co-réalisation Théâtre Sévelin 36/Cie P. Saire (Lausanne - CH) dans le cadre du festival Les urbaines, site diffusart.com.