Created in Grenoble in 1991, the first creative period of the Scalene Company really started in 1994. Four works were created by Youtci Erdos : 2 plays, a duet and a piece with musicians, dancers and lighting engineers together on stage.

In 1998, after a year off, the choreographic writing of Youtci Erdos took a new direction and became more incisive in “A partir de là…” created for the Festival “Sous les Projecteurs” in Villandraut/F (south Bordeaux).

From 2000 to 2002, the Groupe Zoïle grew from the union of the two companies Scalène et Lanabel. Two works were commissioned :
Salé in 2001, questioning our relationship with money, from C. Tarkos book (residency Nancy’s Choreographic Center/France and Metros Company/Spain).
Horace Phreg in 2002 (an anagram of choreographer) reopening the issue of a single choregrapher ; resident production at the CCN Rillieux-la-Pape/Cie Maguy Marin/F, residency at Ramdam/F, residency at Théâtre Sévelin 36/Cie P. Saire (Lausanne - CH).

Since 2000, Youtci Erdos and Manuel Chabanis have been co-writing works for Scalène.

In 2000, they created 6 ( a 20 min duet), co-producted by Théâtre Sévelin 36/ “Les Urbaines” festival in Lausanne, about the urban stress and where they explore the concept of random progress. Since then, “6” has been performed at several Festivals in Grenoble, Lyon, Switzerland and in 2004 for the tour “Chapiteau de l’Isère”.

Since 2002,as Scalène and Ramdam (Ste-Foy-lès-Lyon/F) have become closer, Des fois, je suis fatigué…(e) (2002 - duet), and Niveaux de Gris (2003 - 4 dancers) were created for the resident company. “Niveaux de Gris” questioning the idea of compromise, was performed at Théâtre Sévelin 36/Cie P. Saire (Lausanne - CH), shows an interest in the future structure of Scalène.

In May 2003, they met Dominique Rauly ( a Phd scientist at the CNRS/UJF of Grenoble/F). A project called Grands froids et corps en mouvement linking Art and Science, was born during the Festival Rencontres I, supported by the Hexagone of Meylan/scène nationale and the CCSTI (Center for Scientificif, Technical and Industrial Culture) of Grenoble. This idea, an imaginary dialogue between a scientist and two dancers wil be producted for the “Fête de la science” and for “Cité Danse”.

The idea of linking two disciplines, starts with the desire and mutual curiosity between choreographers, scientist and the audience. That is why a second project took place in 2004: O° k - a performance with 4 dancers, a scientist and the public, co-producted by the Hexagone de Meylan/scène nationale wich confirms their support to Scalène.

In 2004, for the creation of L’oubli, Scalène’s resident company carried out the production supported by the CCN of Rillieux la Pape/ Cie Maguy Marin/F , and also at Cie Christiane Blaise (Grenoble/F) and théâtre Sévelin 36. This work was performed on tour called “Chapiteau de l’Isère”.

During the “Festival d’Avignon” 2004, two solos were created : Les Voisins et Ici, Là…,they are the first works of 2006’s creation : Petits drames simples.

In 2005, Scalène worked on a third project linking art and science : Les désaXéS at Hexagone de Meylan/Fand Espace Paul Jargot in Crolles/F (co-producters) for the third edition of the FestivalRencontres I in November 2005. This work, questioning scientifics and artistics points of view on the subject of ballance, is also supported by the CCSTI and AMP 2005 (Physics Worlds Year).

At the moment, the company is working with the CCSTI of Grenoble on an exhibition concerning nanotechnology and society visite dansée en Nanomonde, a project in which the choreographers have to devise a way to make people feel immers in the “nanoworld”. We also start 2006’s creation : Petits drames simples.