Photos Magali Bazi

Les désaXéS

Created in 2005



Youtci Erdos - Manuel Chabanis

with the dancers :

Youtci Erdos, Manuel Chabanis (Cie Scalène)
Dominique Rauly (CNRS/UJF de Grenoble)

Manuel Chabanis
Youtci Erdos
Mychel Lecoq
Johanna Moaligou

Lighting : Sébastien Fabry

Balance the « balance »
Balance what is precise and what is inaccurate
Balance equations and bodies
Balance certainties and doubts
Balance human beings and human beings

After meeting Dominique Rauly (a Phd scientist at the CNRS/UJF of Grenoble/F), Youtci Erdos and Manuel Chabanis (choreographers of the Scalene Company) wished to confront their singular imaginations. From their collective ideas, Les desaXeS (the Misfits) was created, their third collaboration, following Grands froids et corps en mouvement and O° k.

One uses body language to interpret their perception of the world, while the other was a scientific interpretation of the universe through cold and solid “bodies”, which surround us.

After 4 years of collaboration, Youtci Erdos, Manuel Chabanis and Dominique Rauly have created their own way of work and expression.

In their work, dance does not serve to illustrate some scientific concepts, nor is science is used to express choreography (in spite of the fact that new technologies are used in the choreography.
No, in the relationship created between the two disciplines, the keyword is « Imaginanation »
How can scientific terms, that most of the time we don’t understand, be used to create poetry and to inspire choreographers to use in their work? According to Youtci, Manuel and Dominique, science leads us to a better understanding of the world around us, but it also allows us to open open our mind to limitless possibilities, and so, lead us to poetry.

For instance in “les désaXéS”, some scientific concepts can be found (for instance the concept of of changing of state), not as scientific phenomena, but as signs which have inspired choreographers and dancers.These concepts may not be visible - only the dance they have inspired is visible - but does it matter?

In the same way, the strange characters that punctuate the play : the video character, and Eduardo Sanchez’s character, appear as a poetic attempt to give a personality to scientists whose names are merely connected to a scientific discovery.
The words the dances use to talk of science do not serve to explain science to us. They merely act as a filter for Dominique’s words - notes taken during their discussion : a distorting filter which allows the audienc’e to interpret in their own way.

Les désaXéS” does not explain how balance and imbalance work in science.
Les désaXéS”, fed by scientific ideas questions balance and imbalance in dance, in science, and in our society.

Creation at the Rencontres I :
18 and 19/11/05 at 20h in l'Hexagone scène nationale de Meylan
23/11/05 at 19h in l'Espace Paul Jargot de Crolles
15/12/05 at 20h in l'Amphidice St Martin d'Hères

We are supported by : DRAC Rhône-Alpes, Région Rhône-Alpes, Conseil Général de l’Isère,commune de Crolles, ADAMI.
Co-productions :
Hexagone/scène nationale de Meylan, Espace Paul Jargot, Cie Scalène, CCSTI.
Partenaires :
CNRS, UJF, Maison de la Musique de Meylan
(prêt de studios) : MC2 Grenoble, Théâtre des Aires (Die/26), Cie DIT / R. Seyfried

Création dans le cadre de l'Année Mondiale de la Physique 05