Photo Scalène/G.Lepeu

Petits drames simples

(small and mere dramas)

Created in 2006

project for
three dansers

Youtci Erdos - Manuel Chabanis

Petits drames simples / small and mere dramas


A burnt cake, noisy neighbours, a love story with a sad ending, loneliness, time going-by and dreams which don’t become real…

Choreographers Youtci Erdos and Manuel Chabanis throw the audience in three characters’ ordinary days and nights, in the grip of their humdrum life, alone faced to their torments.
They could say « we are not going to make a drama out of it », but this is exactly what they do. However, is it because those dramas are ridiculous compared to the way the world goes that they are less important, less tragic?


The raw materials of this piece are three solos called Les voisins (neighbours), Ici, là (here and there) and 16’50 je vais sortir (16’50 I go out). By picking up a music here, a movement there, a feeling somewhere else, mixing, superposing, transforming them, the choreographers wished to stem from these singular situations to end on a new collective story.




Représentations : 29/05/07 aux "Soirées d'Emile" - CCN de Grenoble/MC2 (38/F)
Première : 19/01/07 au Théâtre des Aires à Die (26/F)
Avant-première : 30/11/06 à l'Odyssée d'Eybens (38/F)
Présentation à l'intention de professionnels : 24/11/06 à Pacifique Grenoble (38/F)

R épétitions publiques : janvier 07 au Théâtre des Aires à Die (26), 22/11/06 à l'Odyssée d'Eybens (38), 4/05/06 à l'Esplanade Opéra de St Etienne (42)

Soutiens : DRAC Rhône-Alpes, Région Rhône-Alpes, Conseil Général de l’Isère, ville de Grenoble
: Théâtre des Aires (Die/26), Esplanade - Opéra de St Etienne (42), MC2 Grenoble (38), CCN de Grenoble/JC Gallotta (38), Espace Paul Jargot à Crolles (38), Pacifique à Grenoble (38).